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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  February 26, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EST

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visibility will be down to a quarter mile at times. there is not much happening around annapolis. north of baltimore city, the wind is picking up, and the snow is coming down very hard. we have the blowing snow this morning. we have a few inches of accumulation and there will be more as we go to the pennsylvania line. the wind is continuing to gust over 40 miles per hour. keep this in mind. this is not going to be a great friday morning drive. we will look at the seven-day forecast. first, we will see what is happening on the roads. this will be a difficult drive. >> this will be one of those rights, where you can leave extra early and once you get out there, try not to rush. we have an accident at fox meadow.
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we are looking at several accidents. north at mount carmel, and delays going inthe northbound direction. we still have a down poll, and we still have some lane closures that are there. that is not all that we have there, with the high wind. there are wind restrictions and this is blowing this note back into the road. when this is treated, there will be snow in the road and a difficult drive. we will show you what is happening with the live cameras. harrisburg expressway, they are moving smoothly but we have the accident prior to the median, that will make things difficult. we have win restrictions in effect, and wind warnings in effect. the area bridges can be very treacherous. hold onto your steering wheel. this is very difficult this morning.
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>> thank you. the big story this morning, the crews are on standby as many power outages are expected. >> we have more on the preparations. >> i tell you what, they are out and about, and at the height of the storm yesterday. they had about 5000 power outages. they have restored 4800. they have about 560 power outages and most of them are in carroll county and baltimore city. they have restored several of these, and they expect to have more than 600 contract personnel in position. they may run into problems of their own, when the wind is too strong. >> whenever you have the wind, over 25 miles per hour, when you have power outages, you cannot
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send these. this may impact the restoration efforts. >> the number to call is 1-877, 2222, and you can see the wind is whipping. you see that the snow is blowing and use this at the national tire company where this is moving around. this is not the kind of day to have a small dog out by itself. and hold onto small children. i apologize for how look, but this is the warmest have that i have, and that is what we are going for today. >> we will look at how the strong wind and the slick roads may affect the area schools today. we have more from the newsroom, with the very latest.
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>> they are starting to come in. they will focus over here -- with baltimore county being two hours late today, baltimore county schools are open two hours late, and care for -- herford is closed and they are waiting for daylight. baltimore county schools are two hours late, and this town is closed today. >> baltimore city police are investigating a double shooting in west baltimore. investigators arrived at the 1500 block of fulton avenue. one man was shot in the face and another in the chest. there is one suspect in custody. the police are asking for you to help them find in made that should not have been released from the maryland correctional
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center. the officials are looking for this man. he was serving three life sentences for attempted murder. he was released in error after a mixup between inmates. >> he reported to the front of the cell, handing the officer the i.d. card, presenting himself as william johnson. he was asked to give his number, and also check this against his card. he recited the numbers belonging to johnson. he was taken to the control center. >> officials said that taylor and his cell mate looked similarly, and procedures were not followed when he was put in the cell with an inmate who was about to be released. >> a familiar face is going to fill a vacant seat on the baltimore city council. carl stokes will be taking over
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the position held by scott young. >> he was born in the 12th district and kiko-founded this charter school in 2010. >> he showed up to campaign against six other candidates, and he drew on his east baltimore routes. >> i grew up in this district, and in the housing projects. >> he spoke about cutting property-tax is and redesigning neighborhoods with empty houses. >> i am determine what we will need to do to strengthen the finances of the city. and of course, the most immediate problem is the $125 million deficit. >> the committee nominated him into the seat that was vacated for the president.
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>> all in favor -- >> he is looking forward to being sworn in. he is not a rookie lawmaker. he has served on city councils between 1987 and 1995. >> he was the leader of the redistricting efforts, of 1991, -- >> he lost his council seat in 1999, running for mayor. now the mayor is excited about having him get to work. >> they did not go unrepresented. >> he will cut back his hours at the charter school, but he will stay here after he is sworn in. >> there is controversy in annapolis over a bill requiring offenders of driving under the influence to use the
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interlocke. if they are over the legal limit, the vehicle will not start. police will oversee the use of this and some people believe that the agency cannot handle the responsibility because of the lack of protocols and investigators. do you agree with a proposed bill that will require this interlock to be placed in the vehicle of a drunk driving offender? please send us your response to >> we are getting the end of this nor'easter, but others are being pounded. >> and get away in a cop car was caught on camera. caught on camera.
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>> welcome back. we are 10 minutes after 5:00. we are at 30 degrees downtown.
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the wind is gusting between 40 and 50 miles per hour. and the snow is flying. this is down to a quarter mile. the northern suburbs have been hit the hardest. in annapolis, going down to washington, but the hammer is on if you want to say that. this is known in baltimore county. we have a couple of inches -- and if you go up to the pennsylvania line -- if we switch over, the heaviest snow will be there. the wind will continue to gust between 40 and 50 miles per hour. the temperatures may be in the low 30's. we will be back in a few minutes to take advantage of the seven- day forecast. >> we may have dodged a bullet with the heavy snow. to the north, they were not as lucky.
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the power outages are working overtime. several shelters are open, and the crews are working at one of the shelters in albany. and there is an ice jam problem, in covington. the high wind and the rain can also be problematic. as always, there are some people who manage to find a way to have some fun. that is a huge snowball. >> that will run me over. a burglary suspect in oklahoma makes a bold get away. officers near oklahoma city and arrested him last weekend, putting him in the back of a loose cruiser. but the locks were not on, so he got behind the wheel and he drove away. he was able to call his girlfriend and laugh about the situation. then he crashed the vehicle and this was not so funny. he is charged with second-degree
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burglary, and escaping his arrest. >> it is 5:12, and 27 degrees. coming up, bottom dollar for the top shelf. >> future couples may find some exceptional wedding deals, but this will cost them in the long run. >> a windy ride out there is what is waiting for you. there are several problems already.
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>> now, the traffic and the
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weather, together. >> is this the morning where you want to go back to bed? it is too late for us to go back to bed. >> i heard that this was nasty, and this sums everything up. there is high wind, and there is no around the area that is blown back into the road. northbound 95 -- there is a disabled vehicle that is there. we are looking for the delays that are developing their. we are at fox meadow court, with several lanes closed here. at harrisburg expressway -- we have an accent and the media -- the media is -- the median is being cleared. and there is a downed power line as well. this will be a major issue with the downed power lines. that is in anne arundel county.
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watch for the closures, and try to get out extra early. the slower that you can drive, the better. we will have the light you in a couple of places. the right lanes are closed, going northbound across 95. speaking of the delays, we have not seen them at the bridge just yet. but the potential for the win restrictions are in effect. the bridges are extra treacherous. that is the latest at the buses and trains. >> we did not have -- we had a delay on the line, and this is running late. the amtrak train, they are on this schedule and that train is cancelled. the metro subway is on the
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regular schedule, on time. light rail is on time. the bus schedule is looking good. there are no major delays to talk about there. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. this is an unpleasant they so far, and the visibility is down to a quarter mile. we see snow drifting down out of pennsylvania. the hammer-zone for this storm will be northeast maryland. from baltimore county, going all the way to queen anne's county. in howard county, we will not see much accumulation. we have gusts of over 40 miles per hour and the visibility will be poor. we have temperatures in the 20's, as opposed to the mid- 30's.
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there is no melting that is going on. we talked about this coming in lind, and that is what is happening right now. all of this is coming back into maryland. they will have two feet of snow in northern pennsylvania and new york state and new jersey. for most of us who were watching, it looks like a few inches of accumulation is the best bet. no. baltimore and cecil county, we have 5 inches of snow that are possible. we have a heavier snow coming down and out of pennsylvania. the further east that you go, the more snow that you will see. here is the wind and snow at the current time. a 43 mile per hour dust here, and if you get above 1,000 feet, you may see at just close to 60 miles per hour. the elevation is going to be a big difference. the higher up that you are, the
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more wind that there will be. you have to take off 10 degrees for the wind chill. you'll have to dress 14 temperatures. we have a few inches of accumulation, with wind gusts over 40 miles per hour. i will say the temperatures will go into the low 40's. the snow will die down a little bit, and you still say that this is wendy. the snow will begin to pull away, and we will still be on the southern french. we will see snow showers and flurries, and this will improve a little bit over the weekend. the high temperatures around 40 degrees. we have the snow showers and snow flurries. we have another storm system on wednesday, with a chance of rain or snow, and i high temperature, near 40 degrees.
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>> in the consumer alert, this is not exactly happy hour for liquid producers. they are cutting prices united states for the market share. last year, sales of liquor were down was on the they are betting that product loyalty will show up when the economy recovers from a hangover. hopefully the customers will return to paying for top shelf prices. the costs for the bride and groom may be higher in the long run. we have the basic running of the bride's and this shows that money spent on weddings may prove costly. $5,000 made net $100,000.40 years from now. experts say that cutting back on vacations and musicians, and inviting fewer people in order to save money.
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>> a major company in maryland is at the center of the debate on capitol hill. we have more with the latest business news in the bloomberg business report. >> it was very tough getting here this morning. we were just talking about the snow. the lawmaker is wanting lockheed martin to have the pick up the litter when it comes to airplane engines. a democrat, from missouri, says that blocking this engine means there will have to be an alternate engine. the government says that this is a colossal waste of money, but he says that this is a threat to security and there are long-term benefits of having another fighter program. lockheed martin has a fighter engine -- and this may have been a difficult month for many maryland businesses.
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business activity in maryland contracted this month, and sales and wages were also affected. >> the stock futures this morning are looking a little bit positive for the start of things today. we were affected yesterday after moody's said that they may downgrade the debt of greece, and there was also the unexpected increase in jobless claims. and life for rich people is getting more comfortable. the largest carriers are increasing amenities to bring back fliers. american is offering asian fusion advertisers. this may be up to $5,000. at the new york stock exchange, this is the business reporter for wbal 11 news. >> we will see right back here. >> the time is 5:23. coming up, we will get a look at the morning commute with traffic and weather, together.
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>> strong performances, but an empty feeling in the women's figure skating finals. we will show you why, coming up. we will show you why, coming up.
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>> and now, "11 sports." >> no medals for the u.s. in the women's figure skating. a great finish in vancouver. the u.s. champion, rachel flatt, had a career-best performance. she was practically flawless. you see the look on her face. she got seventh place. last night, kim yu-na got the
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first skating level in south korea history. it brought down the house. the silver is for mao asada and joannie rochette went towas the, just days after her mother's death. canada won in women's hockey. jennifer, and marie beats the women's goalie. she gets the gold off the face- off. canada knocks off u.s. 2-0 in women's hockey. the medals count has the u.s. with a record performance. 32 for team u.s.a.
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the 32 total medals are just two shy. the salt lake games had 34 medals overall. i hope your friday is off to a great start. >> it is 47 degrees. coming up in the next half hour. >> it is snowing and the wind is blowing. many people are worried about losing power. we will have an update just ahead. >> we will check the forecast for the weekend in a few minutes. >> it is not nice for the morning drive. we're having problems with power lines, and we will get more on
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